We are excited to be partnering with an Australian-owned and-operated gelato supplier in Melbourne. They have been perfecting gelato for 150 years using the highest quality natural ingredients.

At Una Sosta we stock 21 flavours that include a variety of diary-based ice cream and vegan-friendly sorbets. If you are looking for something different, we recommend the scrumptious Golden Gaytime; if you are looking for something adventurous, we recommend the delicious Unicorn; and if you are looking to try a hidden secret, we recommend the refreshing Fruits of the Fruits.

Come say hi and try our ice cream!


GF = Gluten Free, SY = Contains Soy, N = Contains Nuts *Flavours' availability may vary

Boysenberry swirl (GF)
Birthday cake
Choc obsession
Cherry ripe
Cookies & cream
Golden gaytime (SY)
Honeycomb crunch (SY)
Mint choc-chip GF (SY)
Old english toffee
Oreo (SY)
Pistachio (GF, N)

Peanut butter & nutella (GF, SY, N)
Rainbow (GF)
Rocky road (GF, SY, N)
Rum & raisin
Salted caramel crunch (GF)
Strawberry summer
Tim tam (SY)
Tiramisu (SY)
Unicorn (GF)
Vanilla bean
White chocolate raspberry (GF)
White choc heaven (GF, N)


Dark Chocolate (GF, SY)
Fruits of the Forest (GF)
Lemon (GF)
Mango (GF)
Pink Lemonade (GF)
Skittle (GF)