Elevate your stay: Where comfort meets convenience

Our serviced apartments offer a spectrum of facilities and amenities, ensuring a tailored experience for your stay.    Explore below to find the diverse array of services available during your stay.


Enjoy personalized climate control with our split system cooling/heating units in every room of each apartment. Stay comfortable year-round with efficient and adjustable temperature settings, ensuring a pleasant living experience tailored to your preferences

Convenience meets ease with complimentary onsite car parking for each apartment. Enjoy the luxury of hassle-free parking just steps away, adding an extra layer of comfort to your stay

Elevate your stay! Enjoy complimentary housekeeping services for stays of 3 or more days. Our dedicated team ensures a refreshed and welcoming space throughout your extended visit, providing an extra layer of comfort and convenience

Experience culinary convenience in every apartment with our fully equipped kitchen facilities. From modern appliances to cookware, enjoy the flexibility to prepare meals just the way you like during your stay.

Indulge in spacious luxury with our serviced apartments, featuring generously sized bathrooms designed for your comfort and convenience.

Experience convenience at your fingertips with in-unit laundry and dryer facilities in each apartment. Enjoy the flexibility of managing your laundry needs effortlessly, ensuring a seamless and comfortable stay.

Step into serenity with private outdoor balcony/terraces within the apartments. Embrace relaxation in your own outdoor space, providing a peaceful retreat just outside your door.

Optimize your space with storage and wardrobe facilities in all apartments. Enjoy organized living with ample storage solutions, ensuring a clutter-free and comfortable stay.

Stay seamlessly connected with our WiFi facilities in every apartment. Enjoy reliable and high-speed internet access, ensuring you’re always connected for work or leisure throughout your stay.

Experience peace of mind with 24/7 accessible reception via phone call and around-the-clock security on the property. Your safety and assistance are our top priorities, ensuring a secure and responsive environment throughout your stay

Your safety matters. All apartments are equipped with comprehensive fire safety measures, providing peace of mind. Our commitment ensures a secure environment for your stay.


Indulge in luxury with premium bedding and linens, featuring king-size beds. Experience unparalleled comfort and a restful night’s sleep during your stay.

Discover culinary convenience in every apartment with supplied cookware and utensils. Unleash your inner chef and enjoy the flexibility of a fully equipped kitchen during your stay.

Savor your meals in style with a designated dining area in all apartments. Enjoy the convenience of a comfortable space for dining, creating a welcoming atmosphere for shared moments and culinary delights.

Experience effortless elegance with fully furnished interiors in all apartments. Immerse yourself in a stylish and comfortable living space, curated for a seamless and enjoyable stay.

Stay connected with ease – high-speed internet is available in all apartments. Enjoy seamless connectivity for work or leisure, ensuring a smooth and efficient stay.

Effortless cooking awaits! Discover the convenience of supplied kitchen appliances in all apartments. From stoves to microwaves, enjoy a fully equipped kitchen for your culinary needs.

Unwind in comfort with spacious living rooms in all apartments. Designed for relaxation, our living spaces offer a perfect blend of style and coziness for your enjoyment.

Security meets convenience with safe deposits in all master bedrooms. Enjoy peace of mind as your valuables find a secure home within arm’s reach.

Entertainment at your fingertips! Experience the latest in-home viewing with smart TVs in all apartments. Enjoy a variety of content in the comfort of your own space.

Elevate your stay with complimentary toiletries in all apartments, ensuring a refreshed and comfortable experience throughout your visit. 

Boost productivity in the comfort of your own space with dedicated workspaces in all apartments. Thoughtfully designed for efficiency, our work areas cater to your business or study needs.

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