about us

Our mission: a haven for quality coffee, delectable ice cream, and the art of a delicious pause

We’re all about heartfelt, genuine service! Our passion lies in creating an inviting space where our lovely customers can take a break, savoring top-notch coffee and indulging in delightful ice cream

Una Sosta is more than a name—it’s your flavorful escape! Meaning ‘a short break’ in Italian, our mission is to create a haven where you can unwind with quality coffee and indulge in heavenly ice cream.

Our dream of bringing accessible, top-notch coffee and ice cream to life became a reality in early 2021. Despite the challenges of 2020, we seized the opportunity to create a COVID-safe Espresso Bar and Ice Creamery with the cozy café atmosphere we all adore.

Safety is our priority in design. Proudly calling this friendly community our home, we’re not just serving up delicious treats; we’re creating jobs and career opportunities for locals.

At Una Sosta, we take pride in our partnerships—sourcing homemade slices, muffins, and croissants from local businesses and teaming up with Australian-owned coffee roasters and gelato suppliers.

Nestled opposite the picturesque May Park with its iconic palm trees, join us for a barista-made coffee paired with a fresh toastie or treat yourself to a double-scoop ice cream in a waffle cone. Our warm and welcoming staff are eager to serve you delightful treats, making every visit a memorable experience.